Red Barn Farm

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Who We Are

Red Barn Farm is a small family run farm that raises pasture-grazed, free-range poultry in small numbers to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality product possible. We do all of our own processing and dedicate a great amount of time and effort to this task. 

Additionally, we raise pigs, beef, and sheep in order to provide a local, sustainably raised meat source for our friends and community. We take joy in being able to share with our customers precisely how we dedicate our time and effort to ensuring a fresh, quality product. Feel free to contact us with your interest in any of our pasture-raised meat products to reserve your order today!

We also occassionally have fresh produce available from our farm garden. Our produce is grown without the use of any sort of chemicals or pesticides. We use a technique called companion planting to ensure the health and productivity of our plants, enabling us to grow beautiful vegetables and herbs without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. We focus on filling our garden with seasonal produce for everyone in the family to enjoy. Visit our Products page to see what produce we have available!