Red Barn Farm

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Our chickens are fed a natural, complete ration that is milled locally.  We make sure they get all of the necessary nutrients to grow into healthy birds. Their pasture based lifestyle allows them to obtain many nutrients from foraging as well. 

Exploring the grass.....

This is our wonderful "chicken tractor"! At about two weeks of age, our chickens are moved into the chicken tractor, which is a mobile chicken pen that allows us to move the chickens to new patches of grass daily. They are kept in the chicken tractor at night to protect them from predators. During the day, we let them out to have full access to our pasture.......

Feeding time at Red Barn Farm! 

Our birds are raised in small batches to ensure their health and well-being. They are allowed free access to pasture so they can stretch their legs and peck in the grass.